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Unleash your full potential & achieve your goals! Lee is a health & fitness coach in the Ballina, Lennox Head & Northern Rivers area. He and the Boundless team run outdoor group fitness classes & boot camps, 1-on-1 personal training sessions, as well as coaching in nutrition, mindset, motivation & well-being.

Your journey to unleashing your full potential starts with Lee & the team at Boundless!

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Have you tried programs, diets and workouts but not seeing the results you want?

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Hi, I'm Lee

With over 15 years of knowledge and experience I have seen it all and I believe I can help if you are struggling to start, or have stalled in your health journey. 

My approach is straight to the point, I’ll tell you everything exactly as I see it.

My goal is to focus your training around form, technique and injury prevention, teaching mindfulness and meditation techniques that really work and how to achieve enjoyment in eating well. 

I know that you can achieve real, lasting changes – and that we’re going to have a lot of fun along the way!

To understand more about me I’ll share a few fun facts:

  • I studied at University, graduating with a Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • I lived overseas with a career as a stunt performer – I began researching and applying new training methods to keep myself and my cast-mates in top shape and injury free
  • After returning to Oz I got back into the fitness game, personal training, managing a gym, and running my beloved boot camps
  • At this time I found it hard to get on top of my mental health – it was through working with various mentors and leaders in the fitness industry that I really turned a corner, realising that physical fitness only played a part of being truly healthy

I hope this gives you a little look at who I am and what I’m about – my passion is to pass on my knowledge and I know you can achieve your goals!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to answer any questions you might have!

– Lee

What Lee has in store for you!
The results speak for themselves...

See some of Lee’s clients and read what they say about the results & lasting changes he has helped them to achieve in their health, fitness & mindset…


Like what you hear? Lee’s approach is straight-forward & to-the-point, using techniques and information that are research-based and supported with over 16 years of experience & extraordinary success! See how Lee has transformed many lives and helped his clients to build the foundations to create lasting changes 

Our Services

Lee and the Boundless team are committed to helping you make progress in every area of your life. With a range of options to suit your time, your lifestyle & your budget. Our services include personal training, fitness classes, nutrition, mindset coaching, seminars and workshops!

Fitness & Training

Outdoor group training and personal training with Lee! Our group sessions are designed to motivate and are customised to all fitness levels - plus we have a ton of fun every time! A one-on-one PT with Lee includes a program & session personalised to your body & training needs.


Overwhelmed with the conflicting information about the optimal way to eat? The best diet is one you can stick to day in, day out. The one where you receive all the vital nutrients to support your lifestyle & bodily functions, that gives you boundless energy throughout the day & that gets you closer to your physical/sporting goals!

Mindset & Motivation

Addressing areas like "What motivates you?" - an example of what Lee teaches here: "for those that fold under pressure and continue to give up when the going gets tough will forever be those that continue to make excuses and play the victim" - Lee can help you find tools, like your unique motivational driver, to keep pushing forward!
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