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Greg S.

Being a father of two, and running a business I have a full life, however I still put a priority on exercise not only for fitness, but for the mental health benefits it brings to my life.

Not only have I been taught the proper execution of gym work, but Lee’s holistic approach has completely shifted my attitude towards food and nutrition.

When I first started with Lee I was 77kg, following Lee’s dietary advice and ongoing training has seen me hit 95kg this year. There are no shortcuts with fitness, and so much misinformation out there – but Lee cuts through all that with simple, science backed advice”.

Lee Personal trainer-fitness classes Ballina - Leigh
Mal M.

It was important to me that even if someone didn’t understand this condition, they could understand how my body needed help with range of movement while also improving my quality of life with learning to live with Ankylosing.

Before meeting Lee, I managed to drop to 111kgs on my own and after teaming up with Lee, we focussed on stripping my weight down and went from 111kgs to 86kgs. The program tailored to my needs and condition focussed on rebuilding my old broken body through an emphasis on core strength and balance.

The things I like about Lee over any other PT or lifestyle coach is his holistic approach. Through the entire process, Lee looks at each range of movement and strengthens them individually. He also places great emphasis on mindfulness with breathing and strengthening the mind. This has been particularly helpful for my journey as I have been able to learn the external stressors of work and everyday life which in the past has been a contributor to the flare of pain inflicted internally.

I now sit at a healthy 94kgs and I’m as strong as an Ox. I do still get a lot of pain and soreness in my body through my condition however, now with Lee’s help I am able to manage my pain levels. It has been a long term goal to rebuild my body and ensure it is strong so I’m not crippled with the side effects of chronic pain. And now, through dedicated time and effort, the last 3 months is where I have seen the most amount of gains in my physical strength which has dramatically improved my overall quality of life.

I couldn’t recommend Lee more highly, he has changed my life.”

Lee Personal trainer-fitness classes Ballina - Leigh
Lisa D.

What I want to achieve for myself, is to live my best life. I want to set up good habits in my life that make me feel amazing and help me. It is really easy to get into habits, but not all of them are necessarily good. To live my best life, it is important to me to be fit and healthy. 

This is not just about working out 3 times a week or even every day. It is about maintaining a fitness regime, eating healthy foods and keeping a growth mindset and doing this consistently.  Consistency is the key. There are no fast track paths and it is impossible to do everything 100% but we can keep moving forward and remain consistent in what we do.”

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