I don’t want to be counting calories or macros… where’s the best place to start?


When looking to get your diet in check, you either want to do one of three things:

1) Lose weight

2) Maintain weight

3) Put on weight

The best place to start is with a three-meal set up each day. Each meal should consist of:

– a palm-sized portion of protein (chicken/red meat/fish/2-3 whole eggs/scoop protein powder)

– a fist-sized portion of green veggies (spinach/broccoli/green beans/zucchini/asparagus)

– a cupped palm-sized portion of starchy carbohydrates (rice/sweet & white potato/pasta)

– a thumb-sized portion of fat (1/4 avocado/extra virgin olive oil/coconut oil/raw nuts)

From here construct a meal plan and follow it for a week. Before you start please weigh yourself first thing in the morning and again in seven days’ time in the morning under the same conditions as your initial weigh-in.

Depending on whether you wanted to lose weight or put on weight, determines the portion size adjustments to each meal. If you feel like you cannot increase the portion sizes any more, feel free to add in a healthy snack, eg boiled eggs, a piece of fruit, veggie sticks, Greek yoghurt. 

Please repeat this process every week and I can guarantee that you’ll start to see results in the direction you want.


- Lee


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