Exercise Work outs

Struggling to find the time to work out?

No worries… I’ve got you covered! 

📋 This is my go-to session when I’m short on time. Feel free to substitute these exercises for similar variations or whatever you have available to you at the time ➡️ this should take you about 20 minutes. No excuses… Just get it done!


🔹60 secs cardio…..I like the assault bike cause it kicks my ass!

🔹6 reps upper body push…..DB chest press or banded push-ups.

🔹6 reps upper body pull……DB chest supported row or TRX inverted row.

🔹6 reps squat pattern…..DB goblet squat.

🔹6 reps single-leg exercise…..rear foot elevated split squat (Bulgarian split squat) or DB reverse lunges (reps per side). 

🔹6 reps core exercise…..fit ball crunches or mountain climbers (reps per side).

Workout parameters: 

➡️ Please complete this in a circuit style.

➡️ For each round, decrease cardio seconds by 10, and increase strength reps by 3. 

➡️ Complete until the last round is 0 seconds cardio, 24 reps strength!


If you have any questions about these exercises leave a comment below! For more about 🌟what I do + how I train and coach🌟 check out my services page here!